Bringing new life to an old language

Yiddish Book Center
Amherst, MA

The Yiddish Book Center has at its core activity the rescue of Yiddish and other modern Jewish books, opening their content to the world. But they do much more than that, and over the years the organization has grown to become a vital cultural force. Their identity needed to communicate this, and we were asked to help.

As part of our work, we’ve created an identity program, communication materials, signage, and the design of Pakn Treger magazine. (For the interested, here’s a nice article by Steven Heller on its design in The Atlantic.)

All our work makes use of the little white goat (klor vays tsigele) symbol we developed, incorporating his profile in a variety of ways.

Services Provided: 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • Identity Design
  • Naming
  • Illustration
  • Print Communication
  • Online Communication
  • Advertising
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Environmental Design