Our HQ: The barn is over 100 years old and was once home to Cannondale bicycles. It’s drafty. We love it. Come visit.

Like a lot of designers, we collect a lot of unique old things. Notice we said “collect,” not “hoard.” Thank you.

This must have been taken on a Casual Friday. All our team members are warriors, trained from childhood to master a variety of unorthodox skills and make quick, non-standard decisions under extreme conditions.

(Right) Here’s our conference room, with Charlie the office mascot holding court as usual.

OK, that’s a lie. We never bring him into the office because his favorite thing to do is eat paper, wait a few minutes, then throw it back up. So having him underfoot in this paperful place is pretty much a catastrophe. But he does help make for a more interesting photo. So let’s just call him a prop.

The designers’ work area, filled with optimism, expectation, and books.

(Right) Yee-ha! Some of our logos applied to a stock car fender, which always makes them look their best. That’s just racin’.

Our color-correct proofing room makes our skin tones look healthy and youthful.

The new-business bell. Can we ring you up?

We have an assortment of deep-fried traditions. (They seal in the juices.)

(Center) In times of pain and despair we often look to the Good Book for words of comfort and fellowship.

Here’s a collection of name tags from various conferences and events. If part of our role is to communicate and be out there and involved in our world, then we need to communicate and be out there and involved in our world.

Behold our trusty vintage iPhone, pumping the wattage into our cottage 24/7.

It takes a lot of effort to make something seem effortless.

(Right) As a farewell, our house mariachi band bids you a heartfelt “Adios!” Thank you for stopping by. 

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Where We Work