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W. Atlee  Burpee & Co.
Warminster, Pennsylvania

We have the thrill of working with this legendary American institution. Burpee is one of the country’s oldest and best-regarded seed and plant supply companies.

In our role as the company’s Creative Directors, we’re working with the Burpee executive team and the in-house marketing services group to refine all aspects of the brand’s identity and communication initiatives.

We’ve started off in updating the front-line communication and sales materials including the printed catalog, advertising and email marketing initiatives.


W. Atlee Burpee & Co


3 Questions (+1) for Alex

AdamsMorioka’s gracious and talented (and hilarious) Sean Adams interviews Alex for “Felt & Wire,” in which he reveals his influences, inspiration, and little-known facts about his upbringing. Warning: embarrassing revelations within

  3 Questions

360 State
New Haven, Connecticut

We recently created the Web site for 360 State, a new green development in New Haven. It’s a clean, direct, easy-to-expand-upon design that fits in with our belief that simple + engaging + informative = effective.

In addition to the site, we’re developing marketing materials and the overall identity and signage program for the project.

  360 State

by Warren Berger (Penguin)

Warren Berger’s “Glimmer: How design can transform your life, and maybe even the world” is newly released. In it, he addresses the changing and central role that design thinking is playing in the worlds of innovation, communication and problem-solving.

Alex was among the designers featured in the book, and he recently joined Warren for an interview on WNPR, in which they discussed thinking, design, and how these two work together.


Durham Academy
Durham, North Carolina

Durham Academy is an independent pre-K through 12th grade school in North Carolina. They asked us to create for them a new viewbook that would not be like everyone else’s — sort of an un-viewbook.

We decided to come at it in a unusual way, creating a small-sized perfect bound book, filled with a collection of observations from people who care about the school: students, alums, parents, faculty, administrators. This collection of quotes (each one set in a different typeface), when taken as a whole, provides a rich overview of the voices and passions and interests that form the fabric of the school. It’s an engaging piece and difficult to put down, and when you get through it you come away with a very good idea of what the school's about. And chances are you’ll want to be a part of it.

For those of you who might wonder, we decided on 83 items to feature simply because we are big fans of oddly specific numbers.


Durham Academy


Girl Scouts of the USA
New York, New York

We designed a series of six books, along with corresponding Leader’s guides, for the Girl Scouts of the USA. They’re from the “Journey” series, which was developed for each of the different levels of Girl Scouts (for grades K-12) to help introduce leadership values and foster a respect for the environment. Each book is written and designed to age-appropriate levels, and each is a completely different combination of instruction and activity. We worked with a range of inspiring artists to convey the environmental and social messages in an engaging way. The series is produced using a variety of environmentally friendly printing techniques.


Girl Scouts of the USA


The Red Rooster
Woodstock, Vermont

Behold the identity and menu system for The Red Rooster in Woodstock, Vermont. We worked with longtime collaborators Asfour-Guzy Architects in naming and creating a visual identity for the restaurant, which features farm-fresh New England fare in a wonderfully designed space.

  Red Rooster