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July 2004

Top 20 Creative Design Firms That Inspire The Industry

Alexander Isley, Inc.
Alexander Isley specializes in brand development and corporate communication.

What do you think makes your design firm successful in today’s competitive marketplace?

We attribute the success of our company’s work to collaborating with clients who have a strong belief in the value of their own products and services. Our approach to solving problems is consistent: do the research, ask a lot of questions, listen to the answers, and always determine what a design should do before thinking about what it should look like.

What do you/your designers do to stay on the leading edge of design?

The leading edge we want to be on is the one where smart ideas are honored. As a designer, if you strive to do great, thoughtful, and inspiring work consistently, before long you’ll find yourself at a leading edge.

Do you need to stay on top of printing technology or rely on the printers for offering you the best options?

Both—you have to be aware of what’s going on and try new things. A bad printer will say “it can’t be done,” so he won’t waste time helping you to push boundaries. A good one will say “it can’t be done the way you want to do it- but let’s find a way to make it work.”


Principal: Alexander Isley
Number of Employees: 10
Founded: 1988
Location: Redding, Connecticut
Clients: Toys “R” Us, Discovery Communications, Animal Planet, AOL Time Warner, Deloitte, MTV, PepsiCo, Chevron Texaco, Scholastic, Hearst Corporation, Nickelodeon
Define Success: A company that knows how to combine business, art, strategy, expertise, surprise, and laughter in the correct proportions for each assignment.

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