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“Having worked with many creative professionals over the course of many years and many endeavors, Alex Isley and his team are undoubtedly among the best I’ve come across. To pull together hundreds of graphic illustrations from designers across the country and to lay them out in a 250-page book in a six-month period of time is a Herculean achievement by any standards; to do it with such enthusiasm and understanding of the project’s goals is nothing short of remarkable.”

“Alexander Isley Inc. has brought clarity and beauty to all of our publications. A year ago, our school struggled with mixed messages and mismatched materials. Isley brought consistency to our communications effort and developed a visual system that reflects both the warmth and dynamism of our campus. Our partnership has been marked by energy, mutual respect, and professionalism. Their designers are supportive and fun, always challenging us to think creatively.”



“Alexander Isley Inc.: A Kaleidoscope of Creativity. Looking back at the creative team at Alexander Isley Inc. that produced outstanding design for The Taunton Press’s Fall 2005 list of books, I’m acutely impressed by their remarkable ability to explore a design assignment from a broad variety of market positions in order to arrive at a final design that is absolutely perfect for the target audience.

The design solutions presented to us in the first review phase were not only responsive to all aspects of our design and marketing criteria, but also expanded on the literal assignment, which resulted in a diverse range of design solutions. But that’s just for starters.

The team at Alexander Isley Inc. continued to focus on refining and perfecting the approaches we selected from their range of initial concepts and excelled in articulating their work to both design and non-design staff at Taunton. The end result was spot on in terms of superb design, editorial fit, and market position.

All this took place within a collaborative working relationship that was good humored (to say the least), timely, and full of creative zeal. Partnering with Alexander Isley Inc. produced design work far beyond our expectations and elevated the standards of design at The Taunton Press.”